Sandpipers @ Millicent

Bananatree @ Sandpipers


Opening Times:

 Dinner  ~  Tuesday to Saturday 6.00 pm til 8.00 pm.

Closed ~ Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays.

Reservations essential

Take Away Available ~ Ph:8733 2211

receive 10% off when ordering takeaway




Garlic Bread                v                                                                                             7.0

Grilled crusty French stick spread with our in-house garlic butter.


Spring rolls               v                                                                                             7.0

Hand rolled vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce.


Prawn Toast                                                                                                              10.0

Prawn and chicken mince spread thick over fresh bread and deep fried, served with sweet chilli sauce.


Satay Chicken Skewers                                                                                           10.0

Grilled chicken skewers with the original Banana Tree homemade authentic Thai style peanut satay sauce.


Salt & Pepper Squid                                                                                                 13.0

Tender calamari lightly dusted with sea salt and black pepper served with sweet chilli sauce.


Prawn and Chicken Wontons                                                                                  13.0

Handmade steamed prawn and chicken wontons served with a traditional Thai sweet garlic soy vinegar sauce.


Tom Yum Soup      gf  (tofu avail)                                                Chick 12.0 / Seafood 15.0

A spicy soup with pieces of tender chicken or a combination of prawns, calamari and mussels with a delicious blend of Thai herbs.



Tom Kha Coconut Chicken        gf                                                                             28.0

Deliciously moist and tender pieces of chicken thigh cooked with Sandy’s traditional Tom Kha coconut sauce and served with steamed jasmine rice.    


Green Curry with Chicken or Seafood     (tofu avail)                           Chick 28.0 / Seafood 32.0

Tender pieces of chicken or a variety of seafood in a delightful blend of basil, coconut milk and green curry with steamed jasmine rice.


Thai Style Laksa with Chicken or Seafood     (tofu avail)                     Chick 28.0 / Seafood 32.0

Original Banana Tree laksa, a tantalising curry soup with pieces of tender chicken or a variety of seafood with mixed vegetables, tofu and egg noodles.


Thai Grilled Porterhouse Beef Salad                                                                          32.0

Thin strip cut premium Black Angus porterhouse steak with lime, coriander, red onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and carrot with chilli and a delicious Thai dressing.


Masaman Porterhouse Beef Curry                                                                         32.0

Tender chucks of porterhouse beef slow cooked in a traditional Masaman curry with potato, coconut milk and served with steamed jasmine rice.


5 Spice Pork                                                                                                                    32.0

Traditional tender five spice pork with asian vegetables served with homemade sweet and sour lime, garlic and chilli vinegar and steamed jasmine rice.


Whole Baby Barramundi (30 to 45 min cooking time).                                             38.0

Whole deep fried baby barramundi with sweet and sour homemade tamarind sauce, fresh salad and steamed jasmine rice.


Traditional Creamy Garlic Prawns                                                                                32.0

With creamy garlic and white wine sauce and steamed jasmine rice.


Black Angus Porterhouse Steak (300-350g)                                                              32.0

Premium Black Angus porterhouse served with fresh garden salad and chips.


Chicken Schnitzel                                                                                                            23.0

House made crispy chicken schnitzels served with fresh garden salad and chips.


Sauces: Gravy or Mushroom – 4.0 / Garlic Prawn – 8.0



Steamed Jasmine Rice                                                                                                           3.0

Bowl of steamed egg noodles with soy sauce                                                          6.0

Fresh Garden Salad with Thai style dressing                                                             6.0

Seasonal Steamed Vegetables                                                                                             6.0

Bowl of hot potato chips                                                                                           6.0



Chicken Dino Snacks with Chips                                                                                          12.0

Kids chicken schnitzel with Chips                                                                                       12.0



Fried Ice Cream                                                                                                                      12.0

Deep fried ice cream available with chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping.


Coconut Sticky Rice                                                                                                               11.0

Steamed coconut sticky rice with black beans wrapped in a banana leaf and

served with vanilla ice cream.


Ice cream Sundae                                                                                                                   7.0

with chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping and crushed peanuts.

v - vegetarian / gf - gluten free. Sorry, no split bills for tables of eight (8) or more.